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Inspiring Letter Showing Support for DY Schools

March 5, 2010

Here is an article I found today. It is well written and inspiring. Here’s my favorite quote:

“And then, a gentleman speaking at the comment table had a problem … apparently a cardiac problem. The room became silent. People jumped into action. No one who ran to this gentleman asked him “What Town are you from?” None of the people helping (and there were many) asked each other what town they were from. No one asked about cost. Someone needed help and people helped.
This is exactly what needs to happen with our two towns and the school community.”

Check out the full article here. Be sure to leave a comment there and here to show your support!!!


Tell us what you think!

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  1. Sheila Gagnon permalink
    March 6, 2010 12:56 am

    I read that letter and it was exactly how I feel. As I understand the figures, it would only cost a household of a $300,000 home about $90 on their taxes for an override, and we have cut other town services already, and neither the schools nor the town can function with more cuts. It is much more fair to spread the cost over the whole townsfolk for these necessary services. We do have a great school system, all my children and now my grandchildren are being educated here. Some of the ideas for the brainstorming session coming up on Wed., Mar. 10, 7-8 at the Lawrence C. MacArthur elementar school: lets get a big ad in the paper outlining all the advantages at DY as a first-choice school, the great statistics of our graduates, course offerings, social and service clubs, sports, etc. because we are proud of the results our children achieve with the help of our teachers and staff! Sheila Gagnon, former member DY School Committee, and I’ll see you at the meeting.

    • March 6, 2010 1:24 am

      Sheila – thank you for taking the time to share your views! Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting! Best regards, Kristin

  2. Wayne Bergeron permalink
    March 13, 2010 10:11 pm


    I am so impressed with the fine job you and others have undertaken to advance the educational interests of our children. A caring and involved citizenry is crucial to this endeavor. Keep up the good work!!


    • March 14, 2010 2:53 am

      Thanks Wayne. This is a total group effort. I am so amazed and impressed at the great work so many people are doing to generate ideas, share ideas, get fundraisers going (there’s a road race already in the works! – Go Stephanie Flynn!) and so much more – such as Stacy Ferreira helping me spread the word so that we can have a united group in supporting DY Schools and the bigger picture of supporting our Towns. United we stand, divided we all fall. The goal is a united Yarmouth and Dennis all ready to support our students and all the departments of our towns!

  3. Ralph permalink
    March 19, 2010 10:44 am

    Wayne is a great Selectmen with his heart in the right place, for that matter, I d rather live in Dennis because the Selectmen there take a valued interest to each community member, and appreciate and support suggestions and input. I don’t see so much of that in Yarmouth, not to say some don’t do their best.

    Last night’s meeting to me was a waist of time. The female rep from Yarmouth sat there the whole night with a negative posture and tone the whole evening, while former finance committee chair frmo yarmouth made no sense and had his head up his you know what.. and the other woman went back and forth over laughing and personal attacking while the chairman sat there and wondered who was talking because he lost order and focus of the meeting.

    Folks, you the voters need to look at who you elect for a school committee member. Several people are up for re-election and we need someone with a new fresh approach and innovative thoughts like the citizens made at Monday’s meeting.

    Futhermore, when someone raves that D-Y Schools are great, who are we talking about? Teachers, Administration, who? I think the teachers do the best they can, administration could do more perhaps, but at least it’s not like what is going on down in Rhode Island.

    To say the least the only school committee member I feel was putting forth the effort last night was Steven Edwads. While Mayellen was passionate about the children, and others were too, (you can’t say they are all not committed) but one wonders why some of these people are on the school committee, rather than the real reason they should be.

    The guy from Yarmouthport needs a reality check and needs to realize this is not a corporate environment or a financial advising session.

    As for the buildings, most of the schools are falling apart, old and dungy, and need a makeover. Ezra Baker looks like a prison when you walk in, and the other schools aren’t much better..

    • March 19, 2010 6:35 pm

      Ralph – Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I think the meeting last night was very heated and there was a lot of emotion that was difficult to contain.And as you mentioned, I think that’s probably because most of them care so much about doing the right thing educationally for the children. They must care because it is a completely unpaid position, a true service position.

      I think the meeting probably left everyone there, including viewers, very drained.

      Here’s how I look at the bottom line. They approved a budget. Done. What comes next?

      For the school committee they need to see if there are any ways to get the override number down as low as possible. I don’t think cutting a school is the answer, as you heard Mrs. Woodbury state that the schools are all full. The 900 “empty” seats that Mr. Henderson keeps referring to do not exist because, according to Mrs. Woodbury, through the various renovations and updates done to the schools over the years there has been a loss in space of about 1100 seats. By closing a school you’ll be stuffing kids into less space.

      And this does not even address the fact that DY would have zero buffer for growth in population which is cyclical and will surely rise again. What would we do then? Build a new school? How much would that cost? $5Million probably or more. (The new firestation cost $4MM so $5MM is probably a conservative estimate.)

      Another serious issue with closing a school now is that in the endeavor to win the school choice competition, closing a school would put DY schools at an additional disadvantage. Many would be turned off by the idea of school closings and not want to send their children to DY schools. Let’s leave our schools open as is and instead focus on winning back students from other schools. I’m sure that there are students out there who might like to come back. Let’s work to make this a positive place.

      So as parents and citizens, this is what I see as our next task: to educate our neighbors about the real picture at our schools, that they are filled with highly dedicated and skilled teachers, filled with hungry to learn students, filled with amazing programs like music, art, sports, student leadership groups and more, and also that they offer a much richer curriculum than when we were kids. There are computer labs, there is social skills learning, there is much more help for those with learning disabilities, help for those with English as a second language, and so much more.
      All of this benefits our children individually and it benefits our towns and our nation collectively.

      So my thought is, let’s shake off last night’s meeting. Just like in a family, sometimes we need to air out our grievances before we can move on. Let’s move on now and get to work.

      We’ve got citizens and selectmen to inform and appeal to to help us fund the full school budget. There is no waste in our schools. There are no excess seats. There is good hard work being done. Let’s support it.

      Thank you again for caring and sharing your comments!

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