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Brainstorming Meeting a Big Success!

March 11, 2010

A Great Beginning!

A big thanks to everyone who turned out last night to brainstorm ideas to benefit DY Schools! And thanks to all of you who couldn’t make it, but sent your ideas via online comments and emails! It’s obvious our schools have deep support from our community!

We had about 30 attendees from many different backgrounds. This is pretty amazing considering this was put together in one week.  We had both Yarmouth and Dennis residents. We had parents and non-parents. We had teachers and other town employees. It was an amazing community effort!

Ideas Generated

We generated 100 meaty ideas (plus many more from emails)! They broke down like this:

  • Raising Revenue – 40 ideas
  • Cost Reductions – 12 ideas
  • Community & School Connections – 26 ideas
  • School Choice Grassroots Campiagn – 21 ideas

Now the next phase of our work begins. We need to sort and catergorize the ideas. Some of these ideas may overlap. Then we need to type them up and forward them along to the best contact person or department to evaluate and hopefully implement them. Once we receive a response from the contact person or department, I will post those responses on our Results page.

Volunteer Ideas

Of the over 100 ideas, 28 ideas involve either a full volunteer effort or a combination volunteer plus either the school or the town effort. The next step with these ideas will be to list them out, vote on how we want to prioritize them, and then assign point people to head up our top priorities. I will post these ideas shortly and ask for your feedback.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

We are united in not wanting to see any more cuts to our schools that will negatively impact our children’s education. Hopefully our actions from last night and what we do going forward inspires an atmosphere of cooperation and comprimise between all the people involved in providing the best result for our students, our nation’s future!

What You Can Do Today to Help

Please tell all your parent friends, neighbors, and community about our group and encourage them to join. (Just click on the SUBSCRIBE button in the upper right hand corner of our website.) I will be getting some business cards printed. If you would like some to be able to hand out, email me at DYSchoolsAreGreat @ (with no spaces)

If you want to volunteer and get involved, please contact me. We’ve got lots of ways that people can help!

I will post again soon with the ideas! If you have more ideas, you can email us or add a comment on the Share Ideas page.

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