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“DY Schools Are Great” Profiled in Cape Cod Times

March 31, 2010

The Cape Cod Times reported on the work of our group this week. I just wanted to thank everyone again for all the hard word people are putting into our fundraisers, voter registrations, and more.

Spread the Word about DY Excellence

Please continue to spread the word to your friends, family, and neighbors about the great results coming out of our excellent school district. Our teachers are dedicated. Our students work hard and are learning more than previous generations!

It’s important that our town citizens get to know about the excellence at DY schools as I’m sure they will be proud to be supporting such a great school district!

Our schools are running very lean. They have made many cuts over the last several years. Let’s support them during this time of need to allow them to keep in place the education that is producing ever improving results each year.

A United Yarmouth is a Growing, Prospering Yarmouth!

And let’s support our whole town by voting yes on both overrides. Yarmouth is strongest when we are united. Schools, Police, Fire, and all town departments provide important services for our citizens. We need all of them. We need each other. When these overrides are divided amongst our 16,000 residences, it is manageable. We can do this. The value to our children and citizens will far outweigh the extra contribution.

In this spirit of unity, DY schools has been warmly welcomed by the Yarmouth Police to combine efforts in a road race event that will take place on Sunday May 16th. A young kids road race will take place at 10am and a 5K road race will start at 11am. Please check the YPD 5k Road Race website for details and to register to run! Please subscribe or check back here soon for more details on the kids race.

You can check out the article here. Please join in unity with the whole town by voting yes on all overrides! When people try to divide us, we all fall down. We become a weak and declining town. When we unite together and support all of Yarmouth, we are strong and growing!

Let’s be positive about our future. Let’s be a growing, improving, and prospering town. Reality starts with what we believe. What do you believe?

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