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Destination Imagination Success at DY High School

April 14, 2010

A team of seniors from DY Regional High School will be competing on a global stage this spring in a Destination Imagination competition. The team consists of Chris Anderson, Ashley Reardon, Dan Rabinovich, Liz Glivinski and Kyle Comeau. This team is representing our DY Schools, Cape Cod and Massachusetts!

So what is Destination Imagination? Here is a description from this worldwide educational program’s own website:

Destination ImagiNation, Inc. is an extraordinary non-profit organization that provides educational programs for students to learn and experience creativity, teamwork and problem solving. Every year, we reach 100,000 students across the U.S. and in more than 30 countries. Destination ImagiNation, our core program, is an exhilarating after-school activity in which students work in teams to solve mind-bending Challenges and present their solutions at Tournaments. Teams are tested to think on their feet, work together, and devise original solutions that satisfy the requirements of the Challenges. Participants gain more than just basic knowledge and skills – they learn to unleash their imaginations and take unique approaches to problem solving.

As reported by Gina Anderson, most of our (DY) elementary schools have Destination Imagination teams starting in 2nd grade, going up to 12th grade. Our teams compete against other schools in Regionals. If they win then Regionals then they go to States. If they win States then they go to Globals, which encompasses teams from all around the world!

Globals take place in Knoxville, TN May 26-30.  Chris, Ashley, Dan and Liz were teammates from 2nd grade through 5th at ME Small School and then stopped doing DI. They decided to have a reunion team their senior year, and now having won the States competition, they are going to Globals!

Read more about their accomplishments in The Register:

Knoxville bound: D-Y sends two Destination ImagiNation teams to global competition

The team will be fund-raising to attend this event, because the school budget does not include funding for this.

If you would like to help out this team, please contact Mr. Kris Hansen ( at DY Regional High School for more information.

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