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DY Girls Track Amazing Record!

April 14, 2010

photo by David Colantuono

The DY Girls Track team, lead by coach Jim Hoar, has a 10 year record of success that is astounding. Here is a quote from an article in The Register:

The girls went undefeated in the winter season to complete a 10-year unbeaten streak, and the spring track team is looking to do the same.

The last time D-Y lost a meet was in 2000 to Marshfield; since then the Dolphins have gone 60-0.

Under Hoar, D-Y has won 26 league championships in 30 years and compiled a 228-8-2 record.

Read the full article here to learn about the leaders on the girls track team as well as the stand-outs on the DY boys track team as well.

Dennis-Yarmouth girls zeroing in on 10-year unbeaten streak

Having run for Coach Hoar myself, I know that the success of his teams comes from not only the top runners doing their best, but also from every team member striving for their personal best at each practice and at each meet. When the slowest runner improves their time each week, this success inspires every other team member all the way to the top to improve their performance each week.

Never underestimate the amount of good you can do by striving for your personal best each day, not just in running but in life! And not just in your life, but in how you inspire other to improve their lives.

Thanks for the inspiration, Coach! Congratulations to your team on the results of their hard work!

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