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Impressive Results at DY Schools

April 14, 2010

Crystal Gips, a member of the community group called Dennis-Yarmouth Support Our Schools (DYSOS), reports on academic outcomes at DY schools in The Register.

Here are some tidbits from her two articles that show the great work being done in our schools:

  • The high school dropout rate in the district has declined by 50 percent over the last seven years.
  • 85% of 2009 D-Y graduates reported plans to enroll in college. This number exceeds the state average.
  • District performance on the MCAS (state tests of academic performance in reading, writing and mathematics) exceeds targets for performance and state average scores.
  • In 2009-2010, 99 high school students (11 percent) are enrolled in advance placement courses, which allow students to earn college credits now if they score a 3 or higher (out of 5) on the final exam – saving them time and money once at college.
  • This year, D-Y has 80 seats in the Virtual High School, an online program through which students can take AP and other courses in a variety of career fields — veterinary medicine, finance and investment, constitutional law, bioethics, to name a few. The district’s participation in VHS means that it can offer such courses to its students without providing a teacher in each esoteric subject.
  • More than 100 D-Y students are enrolled in the School to Careers program in which they both complete their academics and hold internships in organizations where they test out and develop career interests and skills.

Read the full articles here:

Academic outcomes at D-Y

Academic outcomes at D-Y- Part 2

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