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DY High School – Amazing and Impressive

April 22, 2010

DY Regional High School recently held an open house. Phil Wick, a member of DYSOS, attended and reported on the amazing and impressive offerings he witnessed. Here is a link to the article that you can read in The Register:

A Learning Treat by Phil Wick

Here is an excerpt from the article:

At evenings end, I was exhausted but exhilarated by my exposure to just a few of the many challenging courses and programs offered at DYHS. Most impressive, however, were the students, teachers and staff I encountered. They are friendly, dedicated and enthusiastic participants in a very exciting and successful educational enterprise. As residents of Yarmouth and Dennis we can take pride in the high quality of leadership and collaboration that makes this possible.

I urge the D-Y administration to plan a similar Back to School Open House, if you will, for the non-students and parents among us – maybe starting with dinner in the cafeteria and ending with music in the auditorium. D-Y schools are a treat that needs sharing.

If you agree with Phil, please let the principal ( know if you’d like to attend such an Open House.

Also, check out the comment on this article by Betsy DeMartino at the bottom of the article. Here is an excerpt

I commend Phil Wick on his article about the H.S. open house. Being a parent of one of the seniors that worked extensively to make the evening a success- thank you for your article.(…)My son is going to Harvard this coming Fall and he would like the community to know that the challenging courses and qualified teachers helped him to excel. Maybe Yarmouth parents needed to be informed of the caliber of students that graduate and further their educations.
I am so grateful that both my sons went through the Yarmouth school system. (My other son is graduating from Northeastern University next month and then onto UMass Medical School).
My personal thanks to all the great guidance and teachings from the DY High School.

Congratulations, Betsy, to your son on getting into Harvard and to your other son’s success as well! What a great story of excellence coming from the DY School District!

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