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Grant Money is Put to Good Use

April 23, 2010

The Education Foundation for Dennis and Yarmouth recently granted money to the Nathaniel H. Wixon Middle School to fund a communications and broadcasting news project. The Chairwoman of the Education Foundation, Joan Shostak, reported on the success of this program and the high level of performance by the middle school students.

Here is an excerpt:

What an uplifting, thrilling evening it was in room 202. All the board members who attended felt the same way as I. It was so gratifying to have seen the well-dressed students with their white shirts with the WNHW logos. They gave such intelligent, articulate presentations to the people who attended. They were so polite, many of the students shook hands with the board members, thanking us for presenting the grant to them. Parents also thanked us. The students even came to the school at 7 a.m. to work on the project, thanks to the parents who drove them. What enthusiasm they all showed.

Read the full article here:

Grant Money is Put to Good Use

Excellent job everyone! You make DY schools shine!

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