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YOUR Vote is Needed at Town Meeting Monday May 3rd!

May 2, 2010

Yarmouth Town Meeting is Monday May 3rd, 2010.

Where: Mattacheese Middle School

When: 6:30pm – Recommended to arrive around 6pm to avoid waiting in line.

Town Hall has reported that child care is available. I will double check on this on Monday.

Your vote is greatly needed!

If you care about the DY School District and ensuring the continuation of the great education and co-curricular activities, then please find a way to attend this meeting.

Two Very Important Things to Know

1. The override that the school district needs is required to pass at Town Meeting AND on Election Day. If we don’t show up to vote for this then many cuts will be made. Since the schools have made so many cuts already over the last several years, these cuts would be cuts into the quality of our children’s education.

2. It is important to stay until the end of the full Town Meeting. The reason for this is that items that have been passed earlier in the night can be brought back up for reconsideration with the potential to be voted on again and overturned. So please stay until the end of the meeting!

Information on Yarmouth’s Town Meeting

These two links will help you have a good understanding of what will be happening at tomorrow’s meeting.

Article outlining Yarmouth Town Meeting warrant articles.

Actual Town Meeting Warrant (pdf)

Town Meeting Information Video (how town meetings work)

Voting for DY School Committee

This website does not endorse individual candidates. With that being said, there is a vote for DY School Committee which will occur on May 11th (along with Selectmen candidates and the overrides). If you don’t already know the candidates, I urge you to read and learn all that you can before voting on May 11th. Look up all the articles in the Cape Cod Times and The Register and seek out information from people who you know have researched the candidates well. Here are a few articles both about and by the candidates as well as articles reporting on the DY School District to help you get started:

School Committee Candidates profiled in The Register.

Gerry Bastian opinion article.

John Henderson opinion piece.

D-Y officials crunch the numbers

Per-pupil expenditures are average in D-Y schools

Do the Homework

Academic outcomes at D-Y

Academic outcomes at D-Y- Part 2

Election Day Ballot Questions explanations.

Do Just One Thing

If you do just one thing for DY schools this year, attending Town Meeting would make the biggest positive impact. After that please vote on election day after fully researching all the candidates. I hope to see you all there!

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