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We Need Your Help Getting Overrides Passed on Election Day

May 6, 2010

We need your help!

The overrides for the schools and for public safety passed at Town Meeting this week. This is great, but we can’t celebrate yet.

Now they must pass on Election Daynext Tues May 11th, 2010.

How to Help:
Click here to download the “ Support Yarmouth Schools & Safety” Flier

  • Please forward this to your personal network.
  • Please print and hand out this flier to at least 10 people you don’t regularly interact with such as neighbors, people you meet doing errands in town, other parents at sports events, etc. If you can do more, go for it! You could also ask local businesses if they would be willing to have the fliers at their front counter.

Copy of the flier:

Support Yarmouth Schools & Public Safety!


Vote YES on #2 and #4

On Election Day Tuesday, May 11th

Strong Public Safety + Strong Schools = Strong Community

  • Property values increase with a strong school system. Question #2 ensures maintaining our excellent school district.
  • Tourism can flourish when our public safety is strong. Question #4 ensures adequate funding for Yarmouth Police and Fire departments.
  • Strong tourism & increasing property values creates a prosperous future for Yarmouth.
  • Both overrides add approximately $50 each to a home assessed at $300,000.
  • Providing the best quality educational is the right thing to do for Yarmouth’s children. Most of us benefited from public education. It’s our turn to support it. Voting Yes on #2 is a vote for a strong future for Yarmouth and America.
  • No one wants to have to wait for emergency help. Our Public Safety departments are staffed too thin. Voting YES on #4 will greatly improve response to medical and life threatening emergencies.
  • Both overrides were recommended by Yarmouth Selectmen and Finance Committee at Town Meeting.

Please Support Yarmouth Schools & Public Safety!

Polls are open 07:00 am – 8:00 pm

This message is sponsored by the following groups:

  • “DY Schools are Great,”
  • “DY Support Our Schools,”
  • “Yarmouth Citizens for Community Cooperation”
  • “Yarmouth Citizens for Public Safety”

Please don’t take for granted that everyone knows how important this election is. Please reach out to everyone you can.

Yarmouth School Supporters stand united in supporting Yarmouth Police and Fire departments.

We are one community. United we stand strong. Divided we fall.

Thanks to everyone who helped develop this flier and to everyone who takes the time to pass this flier along!

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