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Harvard-Bound Student Touts D-Y Education

May 9, 2010

photo by David Colantuono

There is an amazing article in The Register that I urge you to read. It is about DYRHS senior Shawn DeMartino. He recently won a full scholarship to Harvard!

Way to go, Shawn!

In the article Shawn has very high praise for DY High School saying that it “has all the resources that any student could want. The best teachers, guidance counselors, freshman mentoring. Just about anything you could want or need is available, and there’s plenty of help to connect the dots and plug into opportunities.”

Shawn is a real leader, serving in student government, and reaching out to middle school students via a video he’s made to let them know all about the opportunities at DYRHS.

He discusses academics and extra-curricular activities and groups available to students. Here’s a quote.

“‘There’s literally something for everyone, from marching band and sports to the Green Zone for ecologically minded students, all sorts of special-interest and community service clubs, drama, music groups.’ DeMartino says. ‘Each one has a teacher adviser, but they’re all student run, giving students a sense of leadership and responsibility.’”

Learn about “DY’s excellence” as Shawn puts it, in the full article online:

Harvard-Bound Student Touts D-Y Education

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